Transition Network Facilitator Transition Toolkit Descriptions 
(Word document - these items are available for preview/checkout through your TNF contact email: for Region 8 access)

Transition Resources from LBLESD TNF Vicki Mahaffey - excellent resources

ODE Transition Services Flow Chart (postcard with front and back as pdf)

Project Access Curriculum (contents to download)

BOLI - Bureau of Labor and Industry information and community work guidelines/tools:

Federal Office of Disability & Employment Policy Free Resources

Visualize the Future Worksheet

The Star Fill in Activity

PASSAGES - Native American Curriculum Disk (contents to download)

Soft Skills to Pay the Bills Curriculum

Functional Limitation Statement

Job Club Handbook

Transition Needs Record Sheet

Transition Website Resources

NTACT CIE Framework - Career Development Resources under WIOA PETS

Career Exploration Web Directory ( links to careers by subject) - Vocational Information Center

TAGG  Transition and Assessment Goal Generator

Age Appropriate Transition Assessment Toolkit (nsttac)

Casey Life Skills

Casey Life Skills Practice Overview pdf

AT Assessments:

SETT Process using Assessments and Decision Making Guide (WATI Materials)

WATI other Free Materials

Joy Zabala AT Assessment SETT Framework materials

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