Friday, July 15, 2016

Malheur Education Institute Transition Sessions: July 20, 2016

Morning Session:

Introductions & Warm up Activity on Community Mapping

Web Resources
Oregon Transition Community Network Webpage: has Handbook, PSO, TTAN, TNF Resources

TNF 8 Website  and  Transition Toolkit resources Toolkit Resources Link

PETS Domains
Group Activity: PETS Pre Employment Transition Services, 5 Domains. What are we doing in our programs? Assessment activity.


Oregon's Transition Resource Handbook 2015-16 ODE Link to download

IEP Transition page (Page 15);

PINS (Page 18)  Little "d" and Big "D" collecting information and building to SOP and using release of information for other agencies later - how does this help?

Assessments Informal and Formal (Page 19) Helps us collect information (INVOLVE STUDENT!)
Casey Life Skills/TAGG/Brigance and informal assessments Visualize the future/Star and Picture Inventory

Other resources: 
Functional Limitation Statement (VR Eligibility issues with academic vs functional accommodations/supports)
Top 10 Employment Skills
Online Resource handouts (on tnf 8 curriculum tab)
Toolkit preview time (if time)

 Afternoon Session:

Malheur County Employment First Team Introductions

Malheur County Resource Directory & Flow Chart

What is Employment First Initiative, Lane Vs Brown Settlement (proposed fact sheet) & Governor's Executive Order 15-01?

Sharing by Agency partners

CDDP/DHS Lifeways Service Coordinators and Eligibility Specialist

DHS Community Support Partnerships

Brokerage - Eastern Oregon Support Services Brokerage

Vocational Rehabilitation - VRC's and YTP Specialists - CTE inclusion

Treasure Valley Community College Disability Services and programs

WITco Employment Service Providers/ Job Developers & coaches

Conversations on protocols, engaging services, collaboration, etc.

Thursday, July 14, 2016