Monday, November 30, 2015

Employment First Video: Jason's Success Story

Watch Jason's success story linked in the article below by Employment First/Mike Maley. Enjoy!

I am pleased to present our first video success story produced by the DHS Employment First team. I want to encourage our stakeholders and partners around the state to share this video through your networks. I especially would like families and guardians of those who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to see this video.

The video portrays Marilyn, a mother of seven children from Eugene, and her son Jason, who experiences cerebral palsy. Jason has worked for nine years delivering food to mall employees at Valley River Center. Marilyn has another adult child, Rachel, who also experiences significant disabilities. Rachel and Jason both work successfully in community jobs with support from Alternative Work Concepts, a nonprofit employment agency for people with significant multiple disabilities – physical as well as cognitive.

This video is focused on Marilyn, a parent who believes strongly that her children should be fully integrated into community life. Again, the video is at: