Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Regional Job Club Student Report for Grant Harney County December 2016

Owner talks at Dairy Queen, John Day

December Regional Job Club in John Day
Text and Photos by Danica Goodson, Burns High School

On December 1, 2016 students went to John Day for another job club meeting.  The first place we went to was the Senior Center then did a little game with names on stickers like waiter, waitress, cheese, chips, and oatmeal. So we had to guess what it is by little clues. After we got done at the Senior Center we went to Grub Steak restaurant and the owner has been open for almost 37 years.       

Subway visit

She has a worker named Lisa; she has been working for her for many years.  After Grub Steak we went to Subway they talked about you have be good with customers. Like you have to smile and look clean so they can come back.  You must not have open toed shoes, and slippery shoes during work.   
The last business we went to was Dairy Queen the manager talked about you can’t have piercings in your eyebrow, lips, and tongue.  If you have tattoos you need to cover them.  They have made 18,000 hamburgers, 41,500 meals with hamburgers, 15,000 chicken stripes baskets, 34,000 blizzard, and 10,000 ice cream cones this year.
          You need to have a clean business to keep your customers, like dining room, bathroom, kitchen, and front counter clean.  Need your hair put up so hair won’t get in the food.  Need to keep your natural hair color able to work.  You have to dress neatly for an interview, can’t have holes in your clothes and can’t stink.

Touring the Grubsteak Kitchen

 While you’re working you need to wash hands a lot or between tasks so no germs gets in the food.  Your co-workers is your team, work together, be friendly, do the job right, put effort in, and have customer service.