Friday, May 6, 2016

PATH Planning Helps set goals for Transition Services in Eastern Oregon

PATH Facilitated Planning has been happening around Eastern Oregon this spring. The process is a way to spark dreams and plan goals to make things happen.

Burns High School held a PATH planning in March.

Morrow County School District held a PATH for their 3 high school programs in April.

Hermiston High School worked on their transition PATH Planning in May.

These teams were made up of teachers, counselors, administrators, County DD services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Brokerage and Job Provider Agencies. The teams had goals to enroll family/advocacy partners, local businesses, chamber of commerce, transportation providers and more job developers to work in the regions.
Collaboration between communities within and across county lines is occurring to roll out a regional job club next fall and see more collaboration between schools and agency partners.

If you would like to know more about a possible PATH planning with your team please contact Lon Thornburg or Theresa Knowles (emails below).