Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Regional Job Club Student Report for Grant Harney County December 2016

Owner talks at Dairy Queen, John Day

December Regional Job Club in John Day
Text and Photos by Danica Goodson, Burns High School

On December 1, 2016 students went to John Day for another job club meeting.  The first place we went to was the Senior Center then did a little game with names on stickers like waiter, waitress, cheese, chips, and oatmeal. So we had to guess what it is by little clues. After we got done at the Senior Center we went to Grub Steak restaurant and the owner has been open for almost 37 years.       

Subway visit

She has a worker named Lisa; she has been working for her for many years.  After Grub Steak we went to Subway they talked about you have be good with customers. Like you have to smile and look clean so they can come back.  You must not have open toed shoes, and slippery shoes during work.   
The last business we went to was Dairy Queen the manager talked about you can’t have piercings in your eyebrow, lips, and tongue.  If you have tattoos you need to cover them.  They have made 18,000 hamburgers, 41,500 meals with hamburgers, 15,000 chicken stripes baskets, 34,000 blizzard, and 10,000 ice cream cones this year.
          You need to have a clean business to keep your customers, like dining room, bathroom, kitchen, and front counter clean.  Need your hair put up so hair won’t get in the food.  Need to keep your natural hair color able to work.  You have to dress neatly for an interview, can’t have holes in your clothes and can’t stink.

Touring the Grubsteak Kitchen

 While you’re working you need to wash hands a lot or between tasks so no germs gets in the food.  Your co-workers is your team, work together, be friendly, do the job right, put effort in, and have customer service.     

Monday, November 21, 2016

Check Out New Additions to Transition Toolkit Preview Library

The following titles are now availailable in the Transition Toolkit at IMESD. Let us know what you are interested in previewing and we can get it your way for a checkout/preview period before you buy. Complete listing, prices, descriptions and links are available on the Transition Toolkit Tab.

Foundations: Starting Line Transition Curriculum for Middle School

Preparing for Life, Dr. Jed Baker

Job Coaching: A Manual/Video Guide for Supported Employment

PICS: Picture Interest Career Survey

Reading Free Vocational Interest Inventory:2

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Longcreek Student Reports on Regional Job Club Event Day Touring Public Works,Park & Rec

Student Report on Grant/Harney County Regional Job Club, October 27, 2016
By River Cave, Longcreek High School

The public works are monitored by EPA. The clean water resovours are put up high so gravity pulls the water downhill. The public works do annual tests for there water. 

Water treatment facility

John Day Parks and Rec work on parks and properties owned by the town. Park and Rec also has sports programs. We learned this at the field trip with the job club.

Listening to Park and Rec Director

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Union County Regional Job Club Visits Eastern Oregon University for Fall Event

Group shot on university steps

Thirty five students attended a day visit and tour of Eastern Oregon University to see the behind-the-scenes world of facilities management. The university facilities staff presented on various aspects around campus including a grounds/facility walk. Speakers shared on grounds keeping, office management, TRIO, being an arborist, and locksmith/carpentry,
Donna Lowry and Corey Ackerman, Youth Transition Program Specialists did much of the planning along with support from RISE job developer, Shay-lin Magnuson and members from the Union County Employment First Team.

Groundskeeper, Dave shares about his work.
Checking out tools in the maintenance sheds

Thank you EOU physical plant staff for hosting!!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Great Collaboration with Employment First and Schools in Grant & Harney County Kicks off Regional Job Club October 27

Grant and Harney County Schools and the Grant County Employment First team showed awesome collaboration for a terrific Regional Job Club on October 27.
We had 35 students from 6 schools including, John Day, Pairie City, Burns, Monument, Dayville and Long Creek. The theme was facility management/maintenance and we had 4 amazing speakers fro the day.
Amber Wright, Step Forward Activities Job Developer and John Day Chamber of Commerce director did much of the spearheading the event, coordinating the John Day Public Works and Park and Recreation Activities Director to speak to the students. Big Thanks to her and to the John Day Chamber of Commerce as well for donating the cost of the Canyon City Community Hall for our morning keynote speaker, Bill Wyllie from Chester's Thriftway Grocery in John Day.

Touring John Day Public Works Dacility

The students walked through the public works seeing water/sewer treatment and the equipment garage and workshop. They ate lunch in the park and then heard from the park and rec share on qualities for employment and skills needed to work in the park and rec field.

Enjoying Lunchtime at John Day Park and rec

We have student reports and photos coming, but I wanted to share a few pictures and Kudos to our amazing team!

Umatilla Morrow County Regional Job Club Event Kicks Off at SAGE Center! Student Report and Photos

Umatilla Morrow County Regional Job Club SAGE Center Report 10/13/16
By, Laura Avila, Angelic Perez, Photo Oscar Ponce.

On October 13, our classmates and us attended the Regional Jobs Clubs at the Sage Center in Boardman, Oregon along with other students from different areas. Each one of us heard representatives from different businesses discuss what was required such as, skills, education and what employers look for in an employee. The representative from Three Mile Canyon farms discussed jobs on both the farm and the dairy, pay scales,and education required for the different jobs. Ms. Mittelsdorf discussed job opportunities at the Port of Morrow. 

Lunch and getting to know other students

Angelic thinks everyones favorite thing from the event was meeting new students from different schools. Laura’s favorite thing about the event was learning about about the different jobs and how there are many jobs where we can apply. All in all, we really liked going to the Sage Center and meeting new people and learning about the different jobs.

60 students attended the day event

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

YTP Regional Meeting: Regional Job Club Provides Pre ETS


Regional Job Club Eastern Oregon

Pre ETS: Pre Employment Transition Services can be provided through activities in regional job club.
Regional job club brings students county-wide together for an event day, to hear speakers on work themes and tour related work sites. The event, a student survey and extension activities to research back in the classroom, help inform data for transition goals, PINS and little “d” discovery when students look to move into VR eligibility and/or job development.
The selling point to school districts is providing Pre ETS.

RJC is designed to help rural teachers provide experiences for students in a larger community with businesses to visit and peers to interact with.

Domains - how does RJC fit into these?
  • Counseling on career and job exploration
  • Work based learning
  • Counseling post sec ed
  • Workplace readiness
  • Self advocacy


Student Job Descriptions: Photographer & Reporter

List of activities:
John Day for Grant/Harney Counties: John Day, Burns, Crane, Prairie City, Monument, Long Creek, Dayville, 43 students,

Environmental indoor/outdoor
Food Service
Personal Care/Office & Tech
Agriculture: Farm/Ranch

West Umatilla & Morrow Counties: Ione, Heppner, Boardman, Irrigon, Umatilla, Hermiston, Echo, Stanfield - 104 students

SAGE Center/Port of Morrow Host Morrow County SD
Trade School/certificate training Host Umatilla HS
Entry level work/food service and environmental indoor outdoor Host Hermiston @ hospital?
Ag: Wineries Echo Host - also post sec disability services EOU/BMCC

Union County: LaGrande, Cove, Union, Imbler, Elgin, North Powder - 90 students

Environmental: Indoor/Outdoor
Future’s Fair @ indoor DHS space

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It Takes a Village: Creating a Culture for Work

Review each of 5 Pre ETS.

Look at Resources from DCDT The Division on Career Development & Transition a presentation by Akron Public Schools (Transition Services )   
NTACT Career Development Resources - note: Sub Topics are Pre ETS areas
National Technical Assistance Center on Transition

Look at what we wrote last year around Pre ETS.

Where do we see gaps?

Break into grade level groups and answer these questions?
a.     What do you see as an area to improve out of the 5 domains?

b.     What would be one goal to set to work on this year that would strengthen our 
         Pre ETS?

c.      What can we do to increase cultural change and awareness in our school curriculum, environment, culture, etc. that would move us closer to an expectation to work?

Report back to entire group.

Access Counseling on Income and Benefits Management through WIN

The Oregon WIN, Work Incentive Network  is a free benefits and work incentives planning service provided by 6 Oregon Centers for Independent Living to people with disabilities that want to work.

The location for Eastern Oregon is in Ontario at Eastern Oregon Center for Independent Living.
The contact is:
JENNIFER BONNELL (541) 889-3119 or 1-(866) 248-8369 (toll free)

WIN has some great resources for you. Here is a link from to access a list of WIN fact sheets and information to help you.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Malheur Education Institute Transition Sessions: July 20, 2016

Morning Session:

Introductions & Warm up Activity on Community Mapping

Web Resources
Oregon Transition Community Network Webpage: has Handbook, PSO, TTAN, TNF Resources

TNF 8 Website  and  Transition Toolkit resources Toolkit Resources Link

PETS Domains
Group Activity: PETS Pre Employment Transition Services, 5 Domains. What are we doing in our programs? Assessment activity.


Oregon's Transition Resource Handbook 2015-16 ODE Link to download

IEP Transition page (Page 15);

PINS (Page 18)  Little "d" and Big "D" collecting information and building to SOP and using release of information for other agencies later - how does this help?

Assessments Informal and Formal (Page 19) Helps us collect information (INVOLVE STUDENT!)
Casey Life Skills/TAGG/Brigance and informal assessments Visualize the future/Star and Picture Inventory

Other resources: 
Functional Limitation Statement (VR Eligibility issues with academic vs functional accommodations/supports)
Top 10 Employment Skills
Online Resource handouts (on tnf 8 curriculum tab)
Toolkit preview time (if time)

 Afternoon Session:

Malheur County Employment First Team Introductions

Malheur County Resource Directory & Flow Chart

What is Employment First Initiative, Lane Vs Brown Settlement (proposed fact sheet) & Governor's Executive Order 15-01?

Sharing by Agency partners

CDDP/DHS Lifeways Service Coordinators and Eligibility Specialist

DHS Community Support Partnerships

Brokerage - Eastern Oregon Support Services Brokerage

Vocational Rehabilitation - VRC's and YTP Specialists - CTE inclusion

Treasure Valley Community College Disability Services and programs

WITco Employment Service Providers/ Job Developers & coaches

Conversations on protocols, engaging services, collaboration, etc.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016

PATH Planning Helps set goals for Transition Services in Eastern Oregon

PATH Facilitated Planning has been happening around Eastern Oregon this spring. The process is a way to spark dreams and plan goals to make things happen.

Burns High School held a PATH planning in March.

Morrow County School District held a PATH for their 3 high school programs in April.

Hermiston High School worked on their transition PATH Planning in May.

These teams were made up of teachers, counselors, administrators, County DD services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Brokerage and Job Provider Agencies. The teams had goals to enroll family/advocacy partners, local businesses, chamber of commerce, transportation providers and more job developers to work in the regions.
Collaboration between communities within and across county lines is occurring to roll out a regional job club next fall and see more collaboration between schools and agency partners.

If you would like to know more about a possible PATH planning with your team please contact Lon Thornburg or Theresa Knowles (emails below).

Monday, February 15, 2016

Assistive Technology Assessment to Support Transition

I will be presenting at OAVSNP in Hood River Friday, February 19th, 2016 in Mt. Hood room form 2 to 3 PM. 

Session Description:
We will be looking at online resources for assessment, the SETT framework and some different models and samples. We will look at state resources for funding AT and agencies that assist with AT devices and do assessments as well.
There will be lots of resources given out and all of it is online for the presentation on my AT blog on this link.

Come join us!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ODDS Releases New Supported Employment Videos & Materials

For Individuals with Intellectual and Development Disabilities (I/DD)​​

The Office of Developmental Disability Services (ODDS) offers Supported Employment Services that may help you find an integrated job in your community. This page contains information about the services that may be available to you.

Supported Employment Services include:


If you would like more information about any of these services, or would like to access a service, please contact your Service Coordinator or Personal Agent.