Friday, February 24, 2017

East Oregonian Article on Hermiston Health Careers Day

Students from local schools talk jobs, life after high school (East Oregonian Article)

Special education students from Hermiston, Boardman, Irrigon and Umatilla high schools gathered at the Hermiston Conference Center Thursday to learn about life beyond high school.
The students heard from Good Shepherd Hospital’s education, environmental and food services departments, as well as Blue Mountain Community College about how to find jobs, advocate for themselves and make connections with people in the community.
Jackie Whitesell, a learning specialist for the Hermiston School District, said this is the first year the four schools have come together to pool their resources for special education students.
“It’s to help students learn about options available to them,” Whitesell said. “Since we’re a small area, we’ve banded together — four different high schools — to offer different educational outings.”
In addition to Thursday’s career day, students this year have visited the SAGE Center in Boardman to learn about agriculture and food preservation jobs and McNary Dam in Umatilla to learn about engineering related jobs.
“The goal is to have students go out of high school with a job in mind, and be able to get that job,” Whitesell said.
The students are all part of the special education programs at their schools. The program can include students with developmental, intellectual and special learning disabilities, as well as health and motor impairments, Whitesell said.
During Thursday’s four-hour session, students rotated between five different discussion groups, each focusing on a different resource in the area: representatives from Good Shepherd Hospital’s Environment, Education, Food Services and Human Resources Departments, and Blue Mountain Community College. At each session, students discussed with speakers different job opportunities within those areas, what they entail, and how to make a good impression when interviewing, as well as things like stress management and what to expect in a typical day at work.
“We’re going to talk about some weird jobs,” Bobbie Sue Arias of BMCC told a group of students. “How many of you knew that ‘bike messenger’ was a job?”
Arias asked students what some other similar jobs might be, eliciting responses from students such as “mailman” and “UPS driver.”
Nazario Rivera and Drew Brannon from Good Shepherd Hospital’s Education Department talked to the students about CPR instruction and Certified Nursing Assistants.
“We discuss what kinds of skills they might need, training,” Rivera said. “Any careers that might be within our realm.”
Timur Gaston, a special education teacher at Irrigon Junior/Senior High School, said the events this year have been beneficial for her students.
“They’re realizing there are other opportunities,” she said. “In our small community, the kids see jobs like teachers, postal workers, gas station attendants farm workers — but they don’t always know what else is out there. That’s why these events are important.”

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Transition Educator Institute Track for State In-Service Day in Pendleton

There will be a Transition Ed Institute Day for teacher In-service here in Pendleton on March 10 at Sunridge Middle School. It is open to educators in our Eastern Oregon region and will serve Morrow, Umatilla and Union Counties. I have invited VR, DD, brokerage and provider agencies for the morning round table. 
The theme is Equity & Engagement. There is a general keynote on Micro-messaging from 9 to 10. Here is the rest of the schedule:

Transition Round table Conversation 10 -11:30 a.m.
Come join a conversation surrounding collaborative efforts for our transition students with our support agencies in vocational rehabilitation, county developmental disabilities, brokerage services and employment provider agencies. There will be representatives there from these agencies and we will be discussing how we can partner for student success and an end goal of competitive integrated employment. Transmittal/Guidance Documents: SES Guidance ODE; Transmittal 15011 Youth & Collaborative Services Guidance ODE Link to County Directories; Flow Chart of Services

Transition Workshop #1: Transition Tools, Curriculum and Assessments: 12:30 -1:10 PM
This session will be hands-on materials from the ODE Transition Toolkit, online resources and assessments that focus on strengths and weaknesses in student Pre-employment skills that help target goals and areas for progress. There will be handbooks, CD’s and resources available to take at end of session. Transition Tools PowerpoinTransition Assessments Powerpoint

Transition Workshop #2: Student-Owned Transition Planning: 1:20 -2:00 PM

Do your student’s know their goals for training, employment and independent living after high school? This session will look at transition goal areas on the IEP and how to develop person centered plans that tell student’s preferences, interests, needs and strengths for more effective goal writing and success. Student Owned IEP's: Top Ten Power Point

Contact for more details.